Templates & Checklists

Contract Checklist:

Formal contracts should be signed prior to the start of your representation. Here are all of the possible points that need to be covered. Not all areas may be relevant to your situation. Customize a contract that suits your individual needs.

    • Parties Involved in the Contract – (the gallery and you).
    • Duration of the Contract – (fixed term, contingent on sales, options to extend the term of duration).
    • The scope of the Contract – (media covered, past and future work, gallery’s right to visit the studio, commissions, exclusivity, territory, studio sales, exchanges, charitable gifts).
    • Shipping – (who pays to/from the gallery, carriers, crating).
    • Storage – (location, access by the artist).
    • Insurance – (what is protected, in-transit, on-site).
    • Framing – (who pays for framing).
    • Photographs – (who pays, the amount required [colour and b+w], ownership of negatives and transparencies, controls of films).
    • Artistic Control – (permission for book/magazine reproduction, inclusion in gallery group exhibits, inclusion in other exhibits, artist’s veto power over purchasers).
    • Gallery Exhibitions – (dates, work to be shown, control over the installation, advertising, catalogue, opening, announcements/mailings).
    • Reproduction Rights – (control prior to the sale of work, retention on transfer or sale of work, copyrights).
    • Damage or Deterioration – (choice of the restorer, expense/compensation to the artist, treatment for partial/total loss).
    • Protection on the Market – (right of the gallery to sell at auctions, protection of works sold at auction).
    • Selling Prices – (should address who bought your work, the selling price, initial scale, periodic review, permission discounts, negotiation of commissioned works, right to rent vs. sell).
    • Billing and Terms of Sale – (extended payment, credit risk, allocation of monies as received, the division of interest changes, qualified instalment sale for tax purposes, exchanges/trading up, returns).
    • Compensation of the Gallery – (right to purchase for its own account).
    • Income from other Sales – (rentals, lectures, prizes/awards, reproduction rights).
    • Accounting/Payment – (how often, right to inspect financial records, currency to be used).
    • Advances/Guarantees – (time of payment, amounts and intervals, applications to sales).
    • Miscellaneous – (confidentiality of artist’s personal mailing list, resale agreements with purchasers, rights of the gallery to use artist’s name and image for promotional purposes).


!! Be aware that these files are mere examples and the information in them must be thoroughly checked and customized to fit your purpose.

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