Although in its initial stage, the Sakar Mountain arts project is already taking form. The project will include a number of sites and feature various three-dimensional and large-scale mural work.

Sakar Mountain is situated next to the Bulgarian border with Turkey and very close to the rivers of Maritsa, Sokolica, and Sazliika. With its abundance of flora and fauna, the upland turns out to be of great interest to scientists and ecologists. The greatest variety of predatory birds endangered with extinction in the whole country is concentrated in this particular mountain.

The region of Sakar Mountain has been closed for a long time for tourists’ visit due to the location close to the border. Therefore, the tourist infrastructure has not been well-developed but has a great potential.

Apart from the characteristics of tourism and nature, the mountain is distinguished by the preservation of historically valuable traces. Remains of the Thracians form Medieval times can be found here – dozens of dolmens, sanctuaries, and fortresses from different centuries can be seen at this place. The greatest sightseeing in the region of the Sakar Mountain – The Monastery of Ustrem “Sveta Torica” – is here.

There is another landmark in Sakar – here are 7 sheltered areas and 6 natural landmarks among which a number of rock formations and objects valuable to the history.