Public Spaces Plovdiv

Playground Tracia & Museum Entrance Installation

In 2014, Iva Troj was contacted by Evolvart regarding the creation of a series of art installations / three-dimensional works for the Tracia District of Plovdiv Town. The commissioned works were to include at least one light installation, preferably locally sourced (using local suppliers or companies affiliated with local businesses). The artwork was to become a ”placemaker” and enhance people’s perception of the space.

In 2015, one playground art installation was created using white translucent cast acrylic, acrylic paints, and sensor-driven light components. The concept for this work was developed together with local artists aiming at a larger project that was planned to take place during Plovdiv’s application to become Cultural Capital of Europe. The idea was to create a number of customized sculptures, each one designed and painted by a local artist.