22blocks UK is a partially artist-run artists’ representative agency based in Brighton. We represent a groundbreaking roster of female and non-binary artists, encompassing both established and up-and-coming, contemporary artists, street and graffiti artists. In an increasingly competitive market that systematically diminishes creatives to mere commodities, we invest in our ecology of talent and work towards facilitating opportunities that can be explored collectively. We refuse to believe that competition is the only way to motivate people to explore ideas in unique ways.

A vast majority of our creators specialise in illustration and design. They are used to the fast-paced nature of editorial work and understand the need to interpret a brief quickly and accurately whilst also producing something visually stunning in order to stand out. We have worked across a huge variety of editorial subjects, creating beautiful illustrations for clients such as Saab, CocaCola, Riksteatern, IBM, JMRC, Veteranen, OmVärlden, Nokia, Volvo, Mercedes, SonyEricsson and GoreTex.

As a public art developer, our team explores and develops the interaction between contemporary art and public spaces. Through site-specific art, temporary interventions and urban development projects we strive to contribute to the development of both contemporary art and public spaces. Contemporary art does not only consist of objects but operates on relational and conceptual levels as well. Similarly, public spaces are not only streets and squares, but to an equal degree, the social and mental spaces that form when we exchange ideas and reflect critically. Our work generates knowledge and methods that can be applied in different social contexts where the artist’s task is often to contribute specific social or creative skills rather than to create a singular artwork.

We are research-oriented, sensitive to creative trends and to the international marketplace. Although we are a recently established agency, our esteemed position in the industry as individuals is rooted in our ability to continuously find and foster cutting-edge artists and to set the standard in marketplace trends.

What we do:

The agreement you sign with us is Non-Exclusive and so is our relationship. We will be more than happy if you in time get signed to a big gallery or a more established agency. We will take it as a sign that we have done our job well. Our commission is 20% and applies only to agency projects (as in we only take a commission when we sell your work).

As an agency artist you get:
– Branding services to help you set up a portfolio with us, including logotype/tag (if needed), biography, help with defining your artist statement, initial portfolio setup
– Your own branded portfolio on our website
– At least 2 online exhibitions and 2 physical exhibitions per year as well as opportunities to participate in all relevant to you agency group shows and events, such as art fairs, public art projects and similar.
– Online representation on all relevant to you channels available to 22blocks, such as Artsy, SaatchiArt, Artfinder and Foundwork.
– PR and help with pricing and brand positioning
– Limited Edition Prints and other printing services if applicable
– Help with developing your body of work (additional services such as finishing touches, vector work, scanning, colour separation and similar can be acquired through us).

Contact us > iva@22blocks.com