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The Friendly Gang returns to Studio 45 on Friday 8th June

Expect drinks, clothing, video, painting, sculpture and one-off pieces from Brighton’s friendliest artists and graffiti people. Music on the night hosted by Susan’s Leg Policy.

~ ~ ~ Unknown ~ Ludvig ~ Neil ~ Batman ~ Parky Doodles ~ Molar ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ Eloise Oui ~ Jess Dadds ~ KEO ~ Silversunpeople ~ Youthclub ~ ~ ~

The show runs until Saturday 9th to Sunday 24th June 2018`

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Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Feature - June 2018

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Issue 21 – June 2018
Visit site< Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is the freshest contemporary art magazine for artists, enthusiasts, collectors and galleries.
Featured Articles:
Alex Gross @artofalexgross
Lucy Glendinning
Kevin Peterson @kevinpetersonart
Iva Troj @ivatroj
Jenny Boot @jennyboot2
Janne Kearney @jannekearneyart.

See what’s inside the June issue here.

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Arts Agency

We are an artist-run creative agency based on the idea of the collective talent. We believe in establishing social systems around creativity rather than promoting individuals against other individuals. It’s a family business for us.