Firsts! - Limited Editions

Exclusive limited editions and collectables exhibit by award-winning contemporary artists Iva Troj and Seiko Kato. Limited Editions by Swedish/Brittish Contemporary Fine Artist Iva Troj // Three-dimensional Works by Japanese Collage Artist Seiko Kato. Contemporary Beast Collage Art Collection >

Press Release

Firsts! is an exhibit celebrating the foundation of our new talent development agency – 22blocks.
We present exclusive limited editions and collectables created by award-winning contemporary artists Iva Troj and Seiko Kato.

Limited Editions by Iva Troj: Award-winning contemporary artist Iva Troj creates fine art pieces which seamlessly merge Renaissance aesthetics and techniques with postmodern praxis. Her intensely detailed images achieve astonishing tricks of light and shade, as practised by the great masters.

Three-dimensional Works by Seiko Kato: Seiko Kato is a rare combination of two worlds. She is a Japanese artist who finds her inspiration in old Victorian drawings, encyclopaedias and Victorian paraphernalia and creates works of unprecedented precision exploring her native Japanese culture and her newfound Victorian heritage.

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22blocks/Ideas Lab Collaboration

We are truly excited about this! Emma Oakman and I are joining forces with the wonderful Ideas Lab in Brighton and it’s a collaboration that is also a maker’s dream far beyond sharing exhibition space and setting up camp with our easels, paints, etc. The plan is to spread our beloved gadgets and appetite for experimentation across several venues and offer workshops and access to a makers club complete with all sorts of tech for moulding, casting, printing, etc.

This new joined venture was officially christened (pardon the Christmas pun, sugar and dad jokes overload is to blame) with a collaborative exhibition featuring a host of super awesome local artists. The new makers club will officially open in the new year.

Welcome, all!

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Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Feature - June 2018

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Issue 21 – June 2018
Visit site< Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is the freshest contemporary art magazine for artists, enthusiasts, collectors and galleries.
Featured Articles:
Alex Gross @artofalexgross
Lucy Glendinning
Kevin Peterson @kevinpetersonart
Iva Troj @ivatroj
Jenny Boot @jennyboot2
Janne Kearney @jannekearneyart.

See what’s inside the June issue here.

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Arts Agency

We are an artist-run creative agency based on the idea of the collective talent. We believe in establishing social systems around creativity rather than promoting individuals against other individuals. It’s a family business for us.